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Main Account = $3,087.96 | Secondary Account = $7.89

This is the secondary account, in case you were wondering.

My main account is about six months old, whereas this account I started just two months ago. Over the past few weeks, I’ve had a lot of time to compare the stats and earnings from both and see not only how vastly different they are, but why.

On my main account, I’ve earned a grand total of $3,087.96, the bulk of which came in February and March, while this account has earned just $7.89.

Here are just a few of the factors that impact both my accounts very differently:



The times I’ve been lucky and the times I haven’t.

My first ambulance ride was in Italy in 2016. After buying what I could only assume was freshly-baked focaccia (a pizza dough-like bread) near my apartment, I met up with a friend for what was meant to be an ambitious walking tour of the port city of Genoa.

I didn’t get more than a few blocks into the walk before I could feel that something was not right. At all. …

The challenges of language learning with ADHD (and some solutions)

I love languages, yet I’ve had a consistent struggle to get past the beginner stages into actual fluent speech with almost every language I’ve tried to learn. I’ve been studying various languages for over ten years at this point, but the best I can say is that I’m okay-ish at speaking Italian and can decode simple Spanish and French if you give me enough time. Part of what makes this so frustrating is that I desperately want to learn. I enjoy it, and yet my brain seems to sabotage me at every turn. Why?

Once I was diagnosed with ADD…

“Home” looks different to everyone.

I grew up, for the most part, in a house in the suburbs. Backyard with a swing set. Big oak tree full of squirrels in the front. Mailbox at the end of the driveway. Very typical “American dream” living. I didn’t think much of it as a kid. It was just a normal house to me.

After graduating from college, I faced many of the same dismal job prospects and student loan anxieties that a lot of twenty-somethings are facing. …

I’ve outgrown some of my best travel hacks.

I took my first trip abroad when I was twenty-years-old. Still in college, and not exactly flush with cash, I was determined to see as much of the world as possible on little more than a dime.

While many of the travel habits I developed then served me well at the time, and I largely don’t regret using them, now that I’m transitioning into the latter half of my twenties, my tastes have greatly changed. …

How to become a writer, and what to write for us.

So you want to become a writer for The Postcard? We’re happy to have you!

The goal of this publication is to publish great stories that are interesting, inspiring, and/or helpful. If you want to contribute those kinds of stories, keep reading.

What We Publish

We publish ‘How-To’ articles, travel listicles, tips and tricks, stories about unique or interesting travel experiences, lessons learned from traveling, and most other things you can probably think to write about on the subject of travel and languages.

This is how we categorize our stories:

  1. Budget Travel — anything related to saving money, getting deals, or getting by…


The most common language learning challenges for introverts and how to overcome them

When’s the last time you practiced your language skills without a script? Many of us have done the cringe-worthy classroom theater of a foreign language class — you and your partner are given a couple of vocab words and five minutes to incorporate them into a conversation you have awkwardly at the front of the room, holding your notecards. But how much did that actually teach you about speaking in a natural, organic way?

Personally, those classroom exercises totally put me off the desire to strike up conversations in my target language. Instead, I gravitated towards more solo learning tools…

ADHD doesn’t have to ruin your health and fitness goals.

I can’t keep a routine to save my life.

My ADHD generates many periods of hyperfixation. For a few weeks, I’ll be so intensely focused on something that it’s all I can think about, and once upon a time that hyperfixation happened to be health and fitness. I was obsessed — prepping my meals for optimal nutrition, meticulously planning every workout and journaling after each exercise routine, and consuming almost exclusively fitness content online. It was life-changing…while it lasted.

Once that hyperfixation passed, working out became nothing more than a chore again. I have chronic health conditions that can be…

The truth about how little control you have over Medium success.

This is not my primary Medium account. This account was born to off-load some of the writing ideas that don’t really fit into the niches I’ve cultivated on my more successful account. And starting with Medium again from scratch is…interesting.

So how did I make over $1,200 on my main account?

I don’t know, to be quite honest.

Viral stories are completely unpredictable.

For most of January, I was coasting along as all writers do at first. Obsessively checking the stats on my articles, almost all of which were in the double digit view counts.

Then one morning I work up to over 1,000 new…

Tips and resources to get through hard times away from home

Let’s get heavy for a minute.

You’ve planned a trip. Several thousand miles from home, you are immersed in a new language and culture. You’ve been looking forward to this for months, and needless to say, you’ve invested a considerable amount of money into it at this point. But now that you’ve landed, your “jetlag” doesn’t seem to be wearing off. You’re no longer very motivated to do that walking tour you had planned, and you can’t seem to wake up early enough to get breakfast at that cool little pop-up café.

Mentally, you’ve started crossing things off your itinerary…

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